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    • Earn to Die Games

      Earn to Die Games


      Earn to Die Games , In the zombie apocalypse, you have to Earn to Die! There are nothing but zombies on the barren wasteland that you’re stuck in, and now you’d have to upgrade your cars to get to the evacuation helicopter that is very inconveniently waiting 3000 meters away from you and you have to a no-stopping mad dash to get there with your vehicle! Mow down the zombies on your way to the chopper.

    • Angry Bird Color Games

      Angry Bird Color Games


      Angry bird is a very popular strategy game that all started from an application on the apple iOS. The objective of the game was to release the angry birds on a slingshot to knock down the pigs. As you beat the stage, you proceed to the next stage. There are numerous types of angry birds in this game. Paint them the proper way or perhaps your very own way. Have fun painting Angry Birds Color!

    • Zoo Zap Games

      Zoo Zap Games


      In this fantastic puzzle game of Zoo Zap, you get to match up the wilderness animals in threes within the zoo. These animals need to get back to one another as they have lost their close friends. You as the zoo keeper ought to do it swiftly because there is a great deal of work which must be done within your work time. As you earn your points, you can spend them on additional time, more hints, or a whole new game.

    • Ben10 Color Games

      Ben10 Color Games


      All of the youngsters love Ben Ten. His show plays on cartoon network and the youngsters’ just wishes to be like him in the future. He is a mighty superhero that could transform into ten things with this distinctive watch that is vital to save the world. Have fun painting him, his friends, and some of his enemies in this awesome drawing. I’m sure you already know the color, but you are free to paint him however you like in Ben Ten Color!

    • Farm Rush Games

      Farm Rush Games


      Farm rush games. Today you will be assisting the farmer along with your clever monkey to pick out fruits. You only need so much of each fresh fruits hence select carefully and place them in the right spot. Scores is going to be kept as well as the clock will be ticking. Be fast, nevertheless perform a great job simply because work is never just work. If you happen to have an additional one that you do not need be glad to feed the fruit to your pet monkey since he is a fruit lover.